Creativity & nature has both grounded & inspired me through the tough times.

Now I'm sharing that with others through making things.

I also have an interior design business, where I'm pretty stellar at designing kitchens, baths,

and built-ins. Also available are 3D renderings @


But this site is more aligned with soul journeying. In 2017, my artistic block broke wide open

and after about 15 years of being stunted with too much focus on "precision" and "perfection"

I was able to liberate myself!
I believe in my talent in a whole new way that brings freedom to myself and others.


The creation of each piece is a unique journey & result. Nurtured in a space of peace & connection.

Whatever we need more of, the piece will be aligned.

Love to all of you and thank you for supporting this important work.

We are in this together.